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March 13, 2012
Changes Being Made To Google's Custom Search
By Zach Walton
People at Google must be working overtime to make all of their properties look cleaner and perform better for users and administrators alike. The next service to get the a new design is Google Custom Search.

Dana Bright, a UI Designer with Google, took to the Custom Search blog yesterday to detail the changes being made to the service. The new style for custom search provides results in a "modern and streamlined" way.

The new look will be the default option for any Web sites that choose to use Google's custom search engine in the future. Current administrators who want to use the new look can do so by selecting "default" on the look and feel page of their CSE control panel in the choose or customize a style section. If you want to keep the old look, you can do that as well by choosing the "classic" option.

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